Best Tow Mirrors for Ford Ranger

Being a truck owner gives you many advantages other than being able to help all of your friends move. You can use a truck to haul cargo in the box or tow a trailer. When towing a trailer with your truck you may find your factory mirrors do not work that great. While factory mirrors provide an excellent view for your blind spots they don’t provide the best view when trailering.  This is why aftermarket companies produce towing mirrors for all vehicles such as your Ford Truck.


Tow Mirror Buying Guide

While most people might not know what tow mirrors are for anyone who has hitched a trailer to a truck will understand completely. When you are towing a trailer down the road it is very important to be able to see what is behind and beside your trailer. Factory side view mirrors provide great blind spot and rear view but do not allow you to view far enough back to provide safety when trailering. Tow mirrors are generally longer and stick out further from your vehicle, assisting in looking rearward. Higher end two mirrors will also feature a mirror that is split in two. The standard mirror will sit on top and there will be a lower convex mirror. This convex mirror allows the driver with a wide angle view providing the best possible view rearward. Generally, there are two different designs available. Some aftermarket companies produce mirrors that can extend outward when towing and collapse inward when driving around town. These mirrors are the highest quality units but are generally more expensive and can even require a mechanic to properly install. The other version of aftermarket tow mirrors are a slip over design. These designs can be installed and removed only when towing by simply slipping them over your existing factory mirrors. They can be secured with something as simple as a bungee cord to proprietary wedge lock systems.

As you can see there are many different options available when it comes to tow mirrors for your F150, F250, or F350 truck. We have selected a few options of both designs and featured them below.


F Series Telescoping Tow Mirror 

These mirrors provide the greatest deal on our list. These tow mirrors feature all of the options that are available on aftermarket tow mirrors. We really like the fact that these mirrors feature a manual telescoping feature as well as a convex mirror. Telescoping these mirrors provide the best possible view rear ward and when combined with the lower convex mirror provide the most enhanced towing view possible. We really like that this mirror comes with different features as well. Depending on how your vehicle came equipped from the factory this tow mirror will not have you sacrificing your factory options like, heated outside rear view mirror glass and mirror mounted turn signals to provide you with a towing mirror. On top of all those features we also really like the smoked signal lens that these mirrors come equipped with. While there is much to be liked about this mirror the only downfall is the fact that you need great DIY skills or a mechanics help to install. You will need to remove the door panel on your truck to remove and install these mirrors. Wiring skills are also needed due to the reason that if the harnesses do not fit you will need to wire this mirror by cutting and soldering connections.  We feel that this slight con does not detract from this amazing tow mirror that has all the features you could ever need and more.


DEDC Ford Tow Mirrors

These tow mirrors as the one above contains amazing features in a tow mirror. We really like the fact that these tow mirrors contain a large mirror size as well as the lower convex tow mirror. These convex mirrors are excellent for viewing when towing a trailer. Along with the convex mirror these mirrors are also equipped with a telescoping feature. By installing this mirror you will not be taking away all of those great features you love about your truck. Even though these mirrors are aftermarket they still have mirror glass defrost, outside marker lights, and power adjustment control. About the only thing that isn’t automatic about these mirrors is the manual telescoping. We do not like the factory orange color turn signal on the mirror. Also these mirrors need to be installed by a mechanic or someone skilled in DIY as the door panel will need to removed and wiring completed to install these mirrors. Just like the previous tow mirrors we really like these mirrors and the only thing that detracts from them is the complicated installation procedure.


CIPA 11600 Ford Custom Tow Mirror

While the above mirrors could be considered the Cadillac, these mirrors could be called the K-Car. These aftermarket tow mirrors are a slip over design that feature a wedge lock fastening system. We really like the fact that these mirrors can be slipped on and installed without tools when towing a trailer and removed when done. They do not require any special training to properly install and do not obstruct the factory mirrors when installed. We are not the biggest fan of these mirrors as over time they can start to vibrate when driving, we do not like the small mirror size either. Because fit is so important with these mirrors, make sure you check the fit of these mirrors when you receive them to ensure that they are the proper ones for your vehicle. If your looking for something that is inexpensive and can easily slip on when towing this style of tow mirror is right for you.

As you can see tow mirror selection is completely dependent on personal preferences. We really like the bolt on factory style replacements as they provide the highest quality and best looking tow mirror for your vehicle. However, if you tow a trailer infrequently and are on a budget you could use the slip on mirrors to your advantage. No matter which tow mirror you select it will provide enhanced comfort and safety when you tow your trailer next.

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