Enjoy the Ride with the New Ford Ranger and its Powerful Audio System

As a daily working automobile the Ford Ranger is one of the best options which are present in the market. The new variant of the Ford Motors have astonishing new features, which makes this vehicle the best in this segment. This Ranger is highly capable of handling big carry loads and items along with it for long distance journeys. This pick-up is a very nice ride for going too far places along with your loved once and your family, as this offers a very comfortable ride in different kind of road situations which will make your journey more comfortable. Moreover the Ford Ranger is the very first and equipped Commercial vehicle in its class.

Power of the Ford Ranger Pick-up:

This small beast comes in two different types of engine variants i.e. a 2.2 L and 3.2 L option. The 2.2 liter engine produces a power of 148 bhp and the 3.2 liter engine gives an outstanding power of 197 bhp. The smaller 2.2 L engine is way economical as well as its more smother on long rides as it produces very less vibrations and noise which makes the ride more comfortable and the bigger one lets you to carry heavy loads and experience more boosted power and this makes it a good competitor in the segments of SUV’s but for the long rides and journeys the engine block may become a bit noisy and product some more vibrations which can become a bit uncomfortable for the rides. The giant one i.e. the 3.2 L engine gives a pick-up speed of 0 – 62 mph with a record time of 10.6 seconds.

Specifications of the Ford Range and the Boosting Audio System:

  1. It comes in 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive optional variants and in the top models of the Ford Ranger the gear system is so complex that it gives you both the options of a 2 wheel drive as well as a 4 wheel drive which can be changed according to the road situations and conditions of the journey.
  2. The Ford Ranges offers a very interesting informative system which supports all functions of the pick-up and more over the boosting SONY Custom Sound System makes you feel like a Home Surround Sound System. This has become a unique feature of the Ranger that it has one of the best Audio Sound System’s amongst its competitors in the market.
  3. The Rangers Engine quality and powers comes along with the cheapest run as compared to other competitors in the class. The climate control system and the new light weight heavy duty alloy wheels of the Ford gives it more comfort during rough rides.
  4. For carrying the heavy loads or towing some huge items the Ford Range is ideal in all aspects. More over the Ford Range is not only powerful but it is also stylish and safe both from outside and insides. All the interiors of the Ranger are improved and made up with a high quality of fiber plastic and new designs which make it more attractive in looks, where as talking about the safety features; in short the Ford Ranger has a 5 * start rating in the crash test of the vehicles which makes the Ford Ranger the Safest of all the others in its segment.

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