Ford Ranger a New Competitor for the Pick-Up’s

A strong ride with descent interiors is a perfect match for all the Pick-up lovers. The Ford Ranger offers such a contrast of high performance along with some descent looks. Ford has been manufacturing the Ranger form many years and during this time period the Ford ranger has literally evolved and seen many different changes, but one thing remains the same from these many years i.e. the reliability of the Ford Motors. Along with the 5 star tests rating in the crash test the Ford Ranger becomes one of the safest rides amongst its class. Not only the safety features of the Ford are a thing that will make your day but the new and improved Ford Range comes with more new installed features which makes it’s the best in its class vehicle.

Features of the Ford Ranger:


  1. The Ford Ranger comes in many variants and options from which one can easily select according to his need and daily run.
  2. It comes in two engine options i.e. 2.2 liter and 3.2 liter diesel engines. Both the engines are made with such a precision that they produce more efficient performance in comparison to other vehicles of the same category.
  3. It has both the 4 wheel and 2 wheel classic drive options for different road situations. More over the pricing of the vehicle is comparatively lower to its competitions in the market and also the features and performance is more from the Ford Ranger.
  4. The Sony Company and the Ford has taken the sound experience of this Ford ranger to a whole new experience. The iconic SUV has been integrated with a audio blasting sound system form Sony and Ford, the sound produced by this system is exceptionally very clear and booming in the hearing experience, where as in some configurations of the audio system the sound makes you feel like you are in the midst of the live concert hall.
  5. This audio technology is the first in class which has been put in the Ford Ranger.
  6. The insurance that can be covered for the Ford Ranger is flexible from 10 – 13 years, where as it is limited to 10 years in its competitor’s vehicles.
  7. The warranty of the Ford Ranger is also more i.e. till 60,000 miles warranty or for 3 years coverage.
  8. The servicing of this Pick-ups is also having a lower maintenance cost as it needs to be serviced after a long run of 20,000 miles, and with the heavy duty performance of the Ford Ranger there are very less chances of handling any extra maintenance costs other than the servicing charges.
  9. It comes with a powerful climate controller and driving options which makes your ride very comfortable and smooth during long rides and more over the when in need of carrying heavy loads the Ford Ranger out performs any other vehicles of its segment.
  10. The ford Ranger comes with a whole new suspension system which makes your ride the most comfortable even in the off road rides.


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