Managing Music in a Car Audio System

It is difficult to get to the song you want to listen to while you drive. Nowadays many car models come with multi-functioning steering wheels with buttons for all the infotainment system controls right under your thumb while you drive. However, it is still a distraction mentally, even if you are not having to physically reach out for any buttons.

Managing music files

If you have your music files all sorted according to your preferred playlist, you would not have to go through the trouble of browsing through. Each track will be just a push away if you want to change. Often the order of the playlist jumbles up when you insert it in a new platform. Numbering the tracks will help you avoid this situation.

Compression for music folderturn-down-radio-hp-orig

With a greater compression, you can store as many music files you want. But when you are listening to a lower compressed track compared to a highly compared track, you realize that some frequency is lost in the compression game. If you have a good set of speakers, this frequency loss will not be subtle anymore. So you need to make a choice between quantity and quality of the music in your car.

Using digital-analog converter

A DAC converts digital information into analog. With a built-in DAC system in the music player, you can listen to music fine enough, but not in the best quality possible. Getting an advanced DAC is recommended if you don’t already have one with a good quality car stereo. You can easily get access to the DAC of your smartphone through a USB port.

Getting good sub-woofers

You need a good subwoofer box to do justice to the good speaker and amplifier set. If you are trying to build one, you must make sure that the sealing is well-done. A single little air leak can totally ruin the performance of the subwoofers. Also, you need to be careful about ported boxes. Without the right sub box, a ported closure can destroy your sub box if not handled perfectly. If you do not get the combination right, the subwoofer will not only perform badly, but will also stand a high chance of getting destroyed. Hence, getting professional help for the installation and expert advice for the combination, is recommended.

Using a suitable sound deadening material

Using sound deadening material like Dynamat helps improve the sound quality in a car by reducing the vibrations from the audio system and cancelling the road noise. The Dynamat can cancel out the noise from the door panels to offer accurate sound. The sound gets stabilized and the speakers do not face a lot of unwanted pressure due to the vibrations.

Dynamat also lowers the interior unwanted noise at higher speeds. The music can be enjoyed at a uniform volume irrespective of whether you are driving at 30mph or 60mph.

With a good amplifier, individual equalizer, well-placed speakers, and strategically placed noise deadening materials, you are all set for the best music experience in your car.



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